Distruzione di Massa (Demo 2004)

In it’s first season, the project was about direct provocations about society or mind’s reflections. The first months involved synthetic drums and bass, to depend on the least possible people and be able to reach very high grinding speed, in the vein of Brodequin. After that phase the music style changed and became more death-oriented, and DDM found the collaboration of the session drummer Mario Giannini, a very skilled and reliable friend. The guitar job was entrusted to Federico (from the “Torment” death-thrash band, Milan), while Morgoth took the vocals task. Recorded in the little studio of Mario, post processed during the summer by Giulio in a DIY way, the 2004 demo was born.



The demo is a handnumbered cd-r, slimacased and with b/w cover.

If you want to buy it (5€+shipping) write me through the form in the contacts section.



Morgoth – Vocals

Mario Giannini – Drums

MF – Guitars


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