Genesis (Bronze Master Monte San Savino 2014)

I brought this quite controversial piece in Monte San Savino Show 2014, and scored a very satisfying Bronze in Big Scale Master Category.


It’s called GENESIS, as said, and it’s allusive and metaphoric, enacting the
point of view of a scared and unsecure male sexuality towards the female
sphere, seen as alien and dangerous, but still willingly searched for.
The “to be lost in the cave” theme. The marine is very technological and armed, his gun
points down, cautious but not attacking, and he’s walking firmly towards the heart
of the scene, not running. I hope to give feelings of slight uncertanity
on one side, but aso the will to face a quest to create something, the
quest for life, where two different realities, seemingly opposed, unite
in a Genesis.

Thanks to Mati Zander for gifting me the marine from his GAU line (still so grateful man!!).

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