About Distruzione di Massa (90s Death/Grind, 2004 – Formally Active)

An old school Death/Grind project I started for fun in 2004, after many drinking sessions with those friends I had a the time. It’s formally active, and while the last EP is dated 2010, I think sooner or later I’ll compose and record something else. Guitars, drums and vocals are composed by me and performed by various musician friends during the years, aside form vocals themeselves again performed by me.


For detailed info about discography and band members, visit DDM’s Metal Archives Page.



Biography (directly taken from DDM’s official website, written between 2004 and 2011, and published “as is”, to maintein it’s aspect of “historical interest”)

Distruzione di
Massa – DEATH/GRIND from Milan.

Distruzione diMassa are a solo project of Giulio, helped in his methodic provocation to moral dicks by some musician friends of his.
Though ever evolving, DDM sound is an old school death metal (maininfluences are bands like DISMEMBER, BOLT THROWER, OBITUARY, GOD AMONG INSECTS, ASPHYX, LEMMING PROJECT, ENTOMBED and so on..) with some grind influences and a bit of doom metal (SKEPTICIMS, ESOTERIC, RAS ALGETHI and so on) and ambient (LUSTMORD, NEPTUNE TOWERS..) here and there.

In it’s first season, the project was about direct provocations about society or mind’s reflections. The first months involved synthetic drums and bass, to depend on the least possible people and be able to reach a very high speed, in the vein of Brodequin. After that Giulio found the collaboration of the session drummer Mario Giannini, a very skilled and reliable friend. The guitar job was entrusted to Federico (from the “Torment” death-thrash band, Milan), while Morgoth took the vocals task. Recorded in the little studio of Mario, post processed during the summer by Giulio in a DIY way, the 2004 demo was born.

Giulio tried to keep the project alive, but the lack of musicians lead to problems which would eventually turn the project itself into inactivity. In 2005, thanks to the help on guitars by “Huldus” (Ras Algethi and Fire Trails, just to say two random bands of his), a friend “Iron Man” from the Alcolisti Millenari, and still Mario on drums, Giulio managed to DIY record two covers (“Raid the Convent” by Nunslaughter and an Anal Cunt medley, “You’re gay (so) I Fucked Your Wife”). Thanks to the help on drums of Jako from DIORRHEA (who would later become one central man in the project) a new song was recorded too, “Invoco la Guerra Nucleare”. The sound quality of these three recordings lowered, but the musical value was higher than the demo.

These three new songs ended up in the second record by the DDM project, the split cd with DIORRHEA and NECROLUST, published in 2005.

This was the seed of the collaboration between Giulio and DIORRHEA, based on a previous friendship. Giulio sang live the “Mi Hanno Stuprata” song, performed as cover by Diorrhea,  in a couple of gigs.

After the 2005 split, other musical material was composed by Giulio, forming the bulk of what would become the 2010 EP “Varcando ogni Lucido Limite”. However, serious line up  problems led to a 5 year pause in the publication of other albums : the songs were there, ready to record, but there was a lack of musicianship to do the job. The recording of the  drums was about to start thanks (again) to the professional help of Mario Giannini, but tecnical problems beyond both him and Giulio stopped the process from taking place.

Years passed, and the musical conception of Giulio, in the meantime, evolved to a more 90’s death and less grind attitude, and was influenced by his second solo-project : the  experimental Funeral Doom band ROSTAU. While DDM songs rested, composed but unrecorded, Giulio proceded his musical experimentation whith Rostau, effectively pausing the DDM project, hoping in the coming of better times. The publication of “To Die and to the Stars Ascend” in 2007 by Rostau further delayed any work on DDM music.

In 2008 and 2009, thanks to the incredibly kind and precious help from Jako, Isaac, Cola, all Diorrhea and other friends in Fano (IT) and it’s whereabouts, DDM recordings started again. The recordings of the variuos instrumental and vocal lines were each separeted by many months of inactivity, due to the distance between the members and the managing of  their lives beyond the musical sphere. The entire process took place between the reharsal room of DIORRHEA (for the instrumental section) and Giulio’s house, in the same old DIY way. No use to mention the various difficulties preceding this nice period, the musical collaboration with Diorrhea was rich and pleasing, despite hundreds of kilometers of distance. Thanks to Jako (Diorrhea, Un Quarto Morto) on drums, Cola (Morke, Dismal Sheen, Diorrhea, Un Quarto Morto) on bass and Isaac (Sight of Eternity) on guitars, the new EP was finally  ready.

Varcando Ogni Lucido Limite (2010) is far more mature than the previous material. The songwriting and arrangments, as well as post-processing and even artwork creation, were  greatly improved by the experience gained in the years, expecially by the ROSTAU project. In example, the song “Lucido” was enriched with Lucid Dreaming recordings by Giulio, uniting the music with the personal sphere. Also, this time the cd was professionally printed: After quite an Odissey, finally Ragtime Records (Czech Rep) delivered the albums in the late 2010 December, and the adventure of the EP could begin.

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3-WAY SPIT (Split with Diorrhea and Necrolust, 2005)


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