Ortuino : the Core Device

The Ortuino kit is based on monitoring the values ​​of light, temperature and humidity of the ground, measured either independently by the microcontroller or at the user’s request, by pressing buttons.


Before “joining this party” I had never hacked with electronics. Some welding on audio cables, that was the maximum of the experience I had in the field. The design of the Ortuino prototypes was a real adventure, a long adventure in truth, in the world of coding, engineering, problem solving. Difficult, but crazy cool.



While thinking and engeneering an electronic device you face problems, and you have to figure out how to solve them. You study, search for possible solution paths, change directions. It is extremely formative. It gives a hard time, but great satisfaction.





In the end I got to the point of not only milling my board, but of designing and engineering one that then I’ve had produced in China, and on which I hand-welded the components. I managed to create a thingie that takes values, interprets them, gives answers with music and colorful lights, auto-wakes up ​​and goes back to sleep, keeping itself functional on battery for many months if not a year. One of the prototypes is still here on my desk, and it still comes operative and takes the values ​​after 15 months.




I fucking love my fucking Ortuino Core.

(Some schematics are blurred. You know, industrial espionage).

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