Seamonkeys Installation

A creative way to cover up ugly pipes and have a place where action figures can judge you silently from above


Last week I had a blast building and painting this installation in the Seamonkeys headquarters.

Seamonkeys is a company specialized in the localization of videogames. Translation, voice acting recording, lip sync, everything. Top notch stuff, while I was working there they were just placing around some giant posters and merchandise of STARLINK from Ubisoft, localised by them.

It was obviously an honour to be called by them for this special job: ugly pipes into action figure diorama.





Why placing a new boring concrete piece when you can have your action figures silently judge you in the coffe/relax area? No because.

The work was themed : Natural / Fantasy / Good opposed to Alien / Sci-fi / Evil. That would cover up a large share of the videogames world.





People from the office was really enthusiast about the final result, and so was I: I have to admit it was quite a challenge.

Not only I had to work constantly over a metallic ladder, but some materials didn’t at first react as I expected while adhering (or trying to adhere) to those nasty crumbling pipes. I solved the problems on the fly, and there’s the result. Enjoy!



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