About Zerfall (Cosmic 90s Death/Black, 2008 – Today)


Zerfall’s first and only album is under production right now, and will be out during winter 2018/2019.


Concept :

Zerfall: The Fall. A Galactic-spanning civilization thrives and prospers somewhere in the Cosmos, proud and powerful, advanced both socially and militarly, rich in wealth and their millenial cultural achievements. Capable of harnessing the energy of the stars themselves, of populating entire systems and even creating brand new ones out of interstellar ores, of conquering and colonizing regions vast as nebulae, of projecting their souls and consciences out into the outermost fringes of the Universe, they deemed themselves invincible, and immortal. Til when galaxies collide. The theories reevaluated a thousand times, the proofs and calculations first ridiculed, then revised by a million scientists, mystics, admirals and planetary rulers. Nothing, no way, nope. It will happen. It is happening, just right now. And though individuals and perhaps entire worlds would be able to escape annihilation through space arks and wormholes, that civilation, as a whole, will be forever gone. Galaxies collide: it happens daily, out there …

Credits :

Silvio, Concept & Lyrics
Giulio, Music, Guitars & Vocals Recordings, Mixing & Production
Leo, Additional Music & Sound


Luca “Centurione” XXX,  Drums Tracking

Carlo Meroni (A.D.S.R.), Bass Tracking, Mastering


The name Zerfall comes from track 5 of Lemming Project’s debut album Extinction

Zerfall is :

Giulio, all Guitars, Vocals

Leo, Keyboards, Piano & Effects

Silvio, Drums & Vocals

Davide, Bass

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